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Here on the stunning Northern Beaches, we are incredibly fortunate to be positioned in a beautiful and varied part of the city of Sydney, surrounded by water; with bays, lagoons, beaches, bushland and wildlife to enjoy. The Northern Beaches community is committed to being sustainable and  trying to eliminate single-use plastics (plastic bottles, wrappers, straws and bags, etc) as these products can easily become  ‘accidental litter’, making their way through drains and stormwater pipes into the ocean or waterways. Over a long period of time, this plastic pollution breaks into smaller pieces, eventually becoming micro-plastic, polluting our oceans and killing our marine life.

Both visitors and locals play a huge role in helping protect our environment and there are many simple ways in which this can be done. Buy a reusable coffee cup (many cafes and restaurants will give you a small discount if you bring your own – there is no harm in asking either!), bring your own water bottle which can be filled up at a bubbler or water station, take your own bags with you to the supermarket and say ‘NO, thanks!’ to a plastic lid on your cup or straw in your drink.