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Single-use plastic continues to be a significant issue in our environment…. but awareness and solutions are on the rise – and you are part of it.

In one day alone a single coffee shop will dispose of 300 non-recyclable plastic coffee cups. Have you thought about dining in for your morning cuppa? Otherwise how about you join the revolution and purchase a BYO coffee cup or use the Swap and Go system.

As well as providing education and initiatives for the community, Council has a program to support and empower businesses in moving away from single-use plastics.

The Swap for Good program includes action plans, supplier lists, resources and ongoing support.  The program’s events provide collaboration opportunities for business owners and managers to share ideas and solutions.

Swap for Good fosters a supportive network for businesses to share their experiences and stories about their journey. It’s a great time for businesses to join in making the swap to sustainable practices.


Check out your suburb to see which ‘Swap and Go coffee cups system your local coffee house is using – Huskee Swap, Green Caffeen, ClayCups or Returnr (as at April 2021).

Find out more about the Swap for Good program.


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