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Have you arrived in Manly and the beach is closed or is too crowded? Luckily there are plenty of spots near by where you can escape the crowds or swim when the beach is closed.

We have listed six of our favourite spots to get your saltwater fix when Manly beach is closed.

1. Quarantine Beach

Places to Swim
Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Hidden up at North Head is stunning Quarantine Beach. Here you are able to swim, snorkel, kayak, bush walk or simply relax on the quiet beach. It is a perfect place to bring the family and experience the refreshing, restorative beauty of the Australian bush and salt sea air.

2. Little Manly

Places to swim in Manly
Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Another favourite is Little Manly. It’s only a short walk from Manly Beach and is a small quieter beach.  Being a harbour beach certainly has its advantages, as it is located in a cove the water tends to be calmer than the ocean side.

3. Shelly Beach

Swimming at Shelly Beach
Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Probably one of the more popular beaches on our list, Shelly Beach is a perfect spot to swim when neighbouring Manly Beach is closed. It is the only west facing beach on the eastern coast of Australia. Its location protects the beach from unruly weather that would cause Manly Beach to be closed.

4. Manly Cove

Manly Cove When Manly Beach is closed it normally means Manly Cove’s conditions are calm and protected. It is the perfect beach to escape crowds or to go for a swim. It usually has relatively calm waters with the western half protected by a swimming enclosure.

5. One of our stunning ocean rockpools

Image courtesy of Destination NSW

With three ocean rockpools only a short walk from the beach, they make the perfect spot to go for a swim. Fairlight, Queenscliff and Fairy Bower all have free rockpools located next to the ocean, so you are able to watch the surf and waves nearby.

The pools get cleaned and refilled every couple of weeks, make sure you check the cleaning schedule before venturing here.

6. Collins Beach

Places to Swim in Manly
Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Collins Beach is nestled between North Head and Little Manly Cove and is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park. This hidden gem provides calm waters for swimming with breathtaking views towards the eastern suburbs of Sydney. After a lot of rain fall you will also spot a small waterfall.