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Store Beach

Store Beach is located in the Sydney Harbour National Park, between Quarantine Beach and Collins Beach. It was where ships used to unload provisions for the Quarantine Station. With a deep anchorage in Spring Cove, beaches such as Store Beach were found to be suitable for landing and airing cargo. There was also a fresh water supply from the swamp ground above Quarantine Beach and a remoteness from the Sydney settlement. This lead to North Head being selected in 1833 for the establishment of a permanent quarantine station.

This 200m long sheltered beach fringed by bushland, faces west across North Harbour and is only accessible by water. It will take you between 20 and 30 minutes to kayak there from Manly Wharf (approx 2km in distance).  Store Beach is a fantastic destination for couples wanting a romantic setting. It is also a fantastic spot for families wanting to get away from the crowds. Why not pack a picnic and kayak here for a lazy morning or afternoon.  Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, towel, and swimming gear/snorkel. This wonderfully secluded beach with scenic views and pristine sands will make you feel as if you have escaped to a remote tropical island.

The fairy penguins also appreciate the seclusion of Store Beach and have claimed it as their breeding ground.  Beach access is prohibited after dusk in order to keep the penguins safe as they waddle in to settle down for the night.  Make sure you leave the beach as pristine as possible in order to preserve the aquatic reserve with its seagrass beds, providing important feeding areas for these protected creatures.

An interesting fact about Store Beach is that during World War 2, a 9.2″ gun was landed here, prior to being placed in position at North Head.








Store Beach
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