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Pittwater Eco Adventures

Pittwater Eco Adventures is a social enterprise on the Northern Beaches, which merges the worlds of Outdoor Education and nature conservation through educational workshops, adventure activities, mindfulness and cleanup.

They’re in a beautiful facility set up on a hill in Pittwater’s Morning Bay; accessible by boat only. Surrounded by the Kur-ring-gai Chase National Park and teaming with wildlife, this oasis was an obviously perfect HQ for a fast expanding adventure business, and a great opportunity to engage in conservation works, living a truly minimal waste lifestyle. They are running bush regeneration weekends, sustainability workshops, wellness retreats, and multi-day school and corporate experiences.

They offer community, school and corporate groups the opportunity to get involved with cleanup and give back, while exploring the outdoors and creating unforgettable memories at the same time!

They run weekly Social tours and classes, as well as develop custom-built programs ranging from 1-5 days. These include SUP, Kayak, Snorkel, Yoga and Bushwalking activities, all with the underpinning philosophy to ‘never walk, swim, or paddle past plastic’.

They partner with a number of not-for-profit and charitable organisations locally who share the goal of seeing a Plastic Free Northern Beaches, and redirect 10% of profits from our ‘No Place for Plastic’ campaign back to preserving our oceans through supporting conservation initiatives in our community.



Pittwater Eco YHA, Bona Crescent, Morning Bay NSW, Australia
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