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Whisky Distillery Tour and Tasting

On the Manly Spirits Whisky Distillery Tour and Tasting you will be shown how they make their single malt whisky, from mashing barley, fermentation, distilling and barrel maturation.

After the tour you will then get to sip, compare and discuss 4 different whiskies from different style casks and maturation with one being tapped straight from the barrel. Let your inner Whisky obsession out.

Please note: You will have the opportunity to add your name to their special whisky only database to have the option to purchase our Distillery ‘First Release’ Single Malt Whisky bottling at the end of the year. No bottles will be released till then.

Capturing the harmony between carefree beach life and urban sophistication for which Manly is renowned, our Founders David, Vanessa and the Manly Spirits Co. team create Australian Gins, Botanical Vodkas and Whiskies that rival the best in the world taking much of their inspiration from the stunning surrounding marine environment of the New South Wales coastline.

Check availability for the Manly Spirits Whisky Distillery Tour and Tasting on their website

When is the tour?

Friday: 6pm- 7:15pm

How long is the tour?

1 hour and 15 mins

What is the Cost?

$48 per person



Manly Spirits
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