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Dive Centre Manly


Dive Centre Manly is in the heart of Manly and close to Sydney’s best dive sites, providing all your diving and snorkelling needs.

They offer a complete range of equipment and dive courses from Discover Scuba, to GUE and Instructor level.

Kids activities and courses for older children are also available.

Their fun and unique skills-based training programs have continually produced better divers.

Their Learn to Dive Course not only introduces you to another world but establishes the foundations for a lifetime of diving.

Small groups, on-line learning and their own private dive pool situated at their training centre adds to the whole experience.

Where do they dive?

Manly is fortunate to play host to one of Sydney’s most stunning marine reserves near the famous Shelly Beach called Cabbage Tree Bay reserve and provides both excellent snorkeling and diving areas as a marine protected area.

What will I see?

When diving and snorkelling in the local marine reserve you are likely to see; Wobbegong sharks, Dusky Whaler sharks, nudibranchs galore, fiddler rays, numb rays and occasionally turtles, weedy sea dragons and dolphins!




10 Belgrave St, Manly, 2095
(02) 9977 4355
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