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Budgy Smugglers

The Budgy Smuggler story began as a bit of a laugh when some mates in a back yard decided to write ‘budgy smuggler’ on the back of a pair of speedo-style swimwear.
A lot of people ask why  ‘budgy smuggler’ and not ‘budgie smuggler.’ Two of their favourite explanations are the impressive sounding “it has to do with trademark law, you wouldn’t understand” and the more mysterious sounding “we’re not detail people, we are concept people.”
The sad fact is that they only realised the incorrect spelling after they’d started making pairs and they haven’t been bothered to change it back. However you spell it though, you are still likely to look spicy in a pair of smugglers.
All their swimwear is made in Sydney, Australia; when it comes to smuggling your budgy, there can be no compromise on quality.



1a/22 Darley Road, Manly NSW 2095
+61 404 026 836
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