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Beach to Wetland half day tour – Aussie Birding Tours

Bring a sense of adventure as we listen and look for the various bird species inhabiting the local lagoon.

Keep your eyes open for predatory birds such as the osprey and brown goshawk. Fairywrens, wattlebirds, honeyeaters, egrets, cormorants and a variety of duck species all live in and around the lagoon. Long Reef is known for its wading birds and migrants such as turnstones, plovers and stints. Look for offshore seabirds.
They take a short drive to Warriewood Wetlands. Look for birds such as the grey goshawk, fairywrens, wattlebirds, honeyeaters, spoonbill, cormorants and ducks.

Expect to see at least 40 different species of birds.
Tour runs from 7 am-11 am.

Binoculars, bird book and bird apps supplied.
Bring water bottle, sunnies, sunscreen, hat and a pair of shoes which may get wet.



Long Reef Beach, New South Wales, Australia
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