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Anita’s Gelato

Anita’s world-famous boutique ice cream Anita’s Gelato had modest beginnings in a small Mediterranean kitchen, almost 20 years ago. Mama Anita, with the help of her youngest son Nir, would whip up tasty frozen treats for friends and neighbours. He’d prepare the ice cream base, while she made the addictive jams they mixed in, to give Anita’s ice cream its delicious home-made flavor. In time, Nir began to sell their ice cream from a cart at a weekly, local market and it was a huge success, which eventually led to the opening of the first store. Soon word spread, older brother Adi came aboard, and, since then, the little ice cream parlor that could has become a successful international chain with branches from Australia to New York.

Anita’s boutique ice creams are 100% hand-made, and whatever your favourite flavor, Anita has you covered. You can pick from over 150 different kinds of frozen yogurt, sorbets, and organic sugar- free, fat-free, soy-based and real cream-based ice creams. Tempting toppings include fresh fruit, syrups, premium chocolate, and in particular, the jams, that still come straight from Mama Anita’s own kitchen. Each new flavor still has to get Mama Anita’s personal stamp of approval, and her heavenly touch can be tasted in every scoop. Anita is an ice cream lover’s paradise and the secret to its success is that the focus remains on bringing friends and neighbors together for really great, lovingly prepared ice cream.

Anita’s ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurts and waffles are made with top quality ingredients.
Only the best produce, including the sweetest seasonal fruits, the freshest cream, and the very highest grade chocolate is used in the preparation of Anita’s delightful ice creams and desserts.



46-48 The Corso, Manly NSW 2095, Australia
(02) 9957 4248
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