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Mountain biking on the Northern Beaches
Image Courtesy of Destination NSW

Hold on to your handlebars as we take you on a wild ride through the coolest mountain bike trails on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Whether you’re a pro seeking an adrenaline fix or a newbie eager to explore nature’s wonders, these top-notch trails will deliver.

Grab your bike, gather your crew and let Mother Nature show you her best side.

Manly Dam Mountain Bike Trail

Manly Dam, Sydney Australia
Image Courtesy of Destination NSW

First up, we have the legendary Manly Dam trail. This bad boy is nestled in the lush Garigal National Park, offering a wild ride with crazy twists and turns. It’s got everything a mountain biker dreams of – technical challenges, jumps and speedy descents. And the best part? The views. Catch a glimpse of Manly Dam Reservoir and the beautiful bushland surrounding it as you fly through the trail.

Bare Creek Bike Park

Bare Creek, Sydney
Image Courtesy of Destination NSW

Calling all mountain bike enthusiasts, big and small. Bare Creek Bike Park is like a magical wonderland for riders of all levels. This place was built by fellow mountain bikers, so you know they nailed it.

This park has something for everyone, from smooth-flowing trails for newbies to gnarly jump lines and tricky tracks for the seasoned pros. And you won’t be riding solo here – it’s a tight-knit biking community and the vibes are always on point.

JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve

JJ Mills Bike Track

Time to venture off the beaten path. The JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve in Terrey Hills is a nature lover’s paradise with a kick. This trail system takes you through lush wilderness, with climbs that’ll test your quads and descents that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear. Keep an eye out for cute critters and take in those Insta-worthy views from the lookout points.

Deep Creek Trail

Deep Creek Bike Track - Northern Beaches

If you’re a nature lover, Deep Creek Trail in Narrabeen is calling your name. This off-road adventure blends the best of mountain biking and picturesque landscapes. Get ready to ride through eucalyptus forests, cross scenic creeks and catch some sweet coastal views. It’s like a postcard brought to life. And the best part is, the trail suits all levels, so whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you’re in for a fantastic time.