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How to get to Manly
Photo taken by Transport NSW

For tips on how to get to Manly, read our guide on Getting to Manly.  If you are looking to travel in Sydney or the surrounding areas, you will need to get yourself an Opal card.

Check out our quick tips and tricks that will help you get around Sydney, Australia with no fuss.

  1. The Opal card has a daily cap of $16.10. The caps or daily allowances exclude the airport and the private ferry services. The NSW transport website has the latest and up-to-date information. to see the most updated daily allowances.
  2. Register your Opal card. This is the quickest way you can top up your card straight from your smart phone and to avoid the lines at your local retailer. Find your nearest local Opal retailer on NSW Transport website for your local retailer.
  3.  Weekends and public holidays are the cheapest days to travel within Sydney, $8.05 Hop on the Sydney Ferries and explore more of what Sydney has to offer via the water ways.
  4. Don’t forget to Tap on and off all ferries, buses and trains. If you forget you will be charged the entire fare.
  5. Register for a Senior opal card before you arrive in Sydney. The Senior Opal card is only valid for Australian Citizens. To order your Senior Opal card, head to the
  6. Sydney Trains, Buses and Ferries use contactless card payments.

If you have any more information about the Opal card please call 131500 or check out their website,

Go to the NSW Transport website  to plan your trip.