Mr and Mrs White

Mr and Mrs White make products that come from their desire to live life simply and to live it well. Their designs are modest, using materials that are natural, long lasting and that get better with age. They represent our family values of quality, honesty and simplicity ....
Just like a good wardrobe always has the basics, so should the space you live and work in. Pieces that form the building blocks of a space and bring freedom of expression through thoughtful selection, simplicity of design and attention to detail.
Start with the basics .... a table, a chair, a bed. A space will continue to evolve as your life does but get the foundations right.
Timeless, functional and well made, Mr and Mrs Smith are devoted to the development of new products that add value to your life but don't clutter it...
Because simple is hard to find.


· 85-87 Pittwater Road, Manly NSW 2095

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