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Crackpot Studios and Gallery

Crackpot comprises four ceramists living and working on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. They have recently established a ceramic gallery in the pleasant seaside surrounds of Freshwater Village, only 10 minutes drive from the iconic Manly Beach.

Their gallery features various exhibitions throughout the year.  The aim is to display the works of artists – local and external, established or emerging – in collections that may not be found in other Sydney art spaces.

Fancy getting your hands into some clay?  Be creative and build your own work of art! Or learn how to throw clay on a wheel. Have fun at a hands-on clay workshop at the Crackpot Studios! Create with Clay workshops are on offer every alternative Sunday afternoons where you get to make your own bowl, cup, or planter pot.

​If you are interested in exhibiting your work,  contact Crackpot Studios who will hire out their gallery to you so that you can put on your own exhibition.

Services include:

Creating your own cup & bowl, creating your own ‘goddess’ and building a planter pot

  • On Sundays in 2 and a half hour sessions for $90


Meet the team

Bridget Willis
Bridget’s work blends alternative glazing techniques with figurative shapes showcasing the beauty of the human body. She is particularly drawn to the processes of raku and saggar firing. Her glazes portray textural colouring to portray the unique landscapes seen throughout her exploration of the world.

Caroline Wright
Caroline’s love of fibre has been instilled through the talented female generations of her family. She has recently turned her attention to clay, exploring the relationship between the two mediums. Her ceramic work forms showcase the amazing ability of clay to highlight the knitted and crocheted stitches.

Dana Lundmark
Dana has been an artist since childhood and a ceramist for nigh on 10 years. She has had considerable recognition in numerous exhibitions and competitions all over Australia. She has developed and practised her art under many masters in Australia, Poland, Russia, Italy and France.

Sarah Robertson
Sarah has a background in visual arts, but turned her artistic eye to ceramics in 2014. Her focus is to produce bodies of work depicting dry-glazed baobab trees, saggar-fired eggs in a range of sizes and colours and, more recently, using dioramas as a social commentary on our activities during COVID.

Opening Hours

Wed-Fri 10am to 5pm

Sat 10am to 3pm

Sun 10am to 2pm



20 Lawrence Street, Freshwater NSW, Australia
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