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Avalon Beach

Over the last decade or so Avalon has become the favoured “sea-change” destination for Sydney-siders looking to adopt the surfer lifestyle. As a result, the board-riding community here is large and enthusiastic but the skill level varies greatly so it’s a good idea to watch for a bit before paddling into the fray.

North Avalon breaks along the north headland and a nearby sandbank and attracts lots of older longboarders who don’t always succeed in getting out of each other’s way. South Avalon is centred on a triangle-shaped sandbank near the 25 metre ocean rock pool (free entry) that generates a mix of fun easy waves.

The edge of the south cliff is known as Little Avalon, and here the swell sucks up hard on a shallow rock shelf to produce fast-barrelling tube rides.

Other facilities include a shady park, picnic and barbeque area as well as a skate park.

Avalon shopping village is close by where you will find a variety of shops that reflect the surf lifestyle of the area; surf shops, homeware boutiques, wholefood stores, bookstores, seafood joints and intimate cafes.

General Conditions

  • Good swimming and body surfing conditions
  • Strong shore break at times
  • Excellent surfing conditions at the north end
  • Good surfing breaks along the beach. Best in North Easterly winds.



Des Creagh Reserve, 558A Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon Beach NSW 2107, Australia
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