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The Dine & Discover voucher system is being launched on the Northern Beaches in late February 2021. If you are a NSW resident and aged 18 and over, you can apply online through a MyServiceNSW Account for your four $25 Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers. Two vouchers are valid for dining out at restaurants, cafes, bars, wineries, pubs or clubs from Monday to Thursday (excluding public holidays). The remaining two vouchers are to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music or art venues, any day of the week (excluding public holidays).

We would love you to support your local business and take a staycation on the beautiful Northern Beaches, so read on to find a list of activities you may like to try:



Snorkelling Cabbage Tree Bay
Image Courtesy of Destination NSW

If you have been dreaming about snorkelling in Sydney but have never taken the plunge, now is the time to jump into the water and discover the beautiful creatures that call the Northern Beaches home. You can hire your own snorkel, mask and fins or you can join a guided tour and learn about the incredible underwater world of Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve. To find out where to snorkel in your area, read our guide to the six best snorkelling spots on the beaches.


Snorkeling Dine and Discover
Courtesy of Destination NSW

If you are an adventure seeker, why not put your voucher towards a guided shore dive. Explore the stunning Cabbage Tree Bay and look out for the NSW state fish – the Eastern Blue Groper, colourful nudibranchs, octopus, stingrays, large schools of fish, cuttlefish, Wobbegong sharks, some tropical species and occasionally turtles. If you are a non-certified diver, a dive instructor will accompany you.


Surfing in Manly, Dine and Discover
Image courtesy of Manly Surf School

Learning to surf is a great way to get fit and have some fun. Join a group surfing lesson and one of the talented surf instructors on the Northern Beaches will have you standing up in no time.


Dine and Discover sailing
Image Courtesy of Sailing Pittwater

The Northern Beaches are surrounded by sparkling waterways.  Pittwater is the gateway to one of the most beautiful cruising grounds of Sydney, so take advantage of the water playground we live in and put your voucher towards boat hire.  This could be in the form of a romantic sailing yacht, a motorised boat, or simply kayak or paddleboard under your own steam, to one of the hidden and tranquil bays tucked away on the waters of Pittwater.


Dine and discover Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches are blessed with some incredible bike tracks for all skill levels. Some favourites are Manly Dam, North Head, or Narrabeen Lagoon. Use your voucher to hire a bike or book yourself on a mountain bike tour.


Dine and Discover tours
Image Courtesy of Destination NSW

Ever wanted to brush up on your knowledge of the area you live in? Use your voucher to learn about the historical Q Station at North Head, one of Australia’s most haunted sites. The Q station’s ghost tour ‘Ghostly Encounters’ commences at 8pm every night. You will be entertained as your guide recounts intriguing stories of the history of Q station and the spirits who still linger there. They also offer a Quarantine Wander Tour, which runs daily at 11am. During this tour, you will learn about the history and daily life of the former residents of Quarantine Station.


Things to do with Dine and discover Kayaking
Image Courtesy of Destination NSW

Kayaking is a fantastic sport – great for keeping fit and escaping the crowds. Grab a kayak and head off to an isolated beach in either Manly, Narrabeen or Palm Beach. If you don’t feel comfortable paddling out by yourself, you can join a tour offered by one of the local kayaking companies.


Things to do in Manly - SUP Lesson
Image courtesy of Manly Kayak Centre

Another great use for your vouchers is to learn a new skill. Rent a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), and explore some of the hidden beaches. Read our guide to the best spots to stand-up paddleboard on the Northern Beaches.

Useful tips

  • The vouchers will be digital-only
  • You will not be able to use the vouchers for purchasing alcohol, tobacco or for gaming
  • You will not be able to combine the vouchers and they can be used once only
  • You will only be able to redeem the vouchers at registered venues that are part of the scheme

Follow this link for the full directory of registered businesses on the Northern Beaches.

How can my business participate?

To participate in the Dine and Discover Scheme, your business must have a COVID safety plan and be registered as COVID safe.

More information for businesses is available through the NSW government website.